How to setup a data import for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Setup a daily automated import of Salesforce Sales Cloud leads and opportunities data into your Google Analytics property.

Setup Salesforce and Google Analytics #

Before being able to send any of your Salesforce data to Google Analytics, you’ll have to do a few things so that each platform is able to send or receive the data necessary to collect and report correctly.

A full article detailing every step can be found here:

Connect a Salesforce Account #

  1. Go to setup to be able to connect an account
  2. Then click on Salesforce to view all Accounts connected, as well as be able to connect a new account
  3. Click on “Add New Account”
  4. Select the account you want to connect and save

Create a Data Import #

  1. While still logged in, go to “Google Analytics Data Import
  2. Click on “New Data Import”
  3. Enter a name for the Data Import you’re creating
  4. Follow the instructions here
  5. Click “Save”