Instagram Analytics

The most relevant Instagram Account Analytics and Insights for your business.

Instagram Analytics with insights and performance reports

We've made sure to add the features you really need and will use, as well as some that will make you more effective and save you time!

Compare Your Accounts

Compare your account(s) along with your competitors and see how your results stack against them.

Full Metrics and Reports

We've made available all possible metrics for accounts, posts, carousels, and stories for our users to view and access.

Sentiment Analysis

Easily see how your audience responded to your posts in a concise way, seeing positive, negative, and neutral comments.

Demography & Age

Easily see the results based on your followers' gender and age from your account.

Followers Geolocation

Visualize the location of your audience with access to the cities with data, maps, and charts.

Public URL

Don't want to have your users or clients have to log into their workspace? You'll have a shareable URL to allow anyone to see the results of an account.

PDF & CSV Export

Get access and export all the data you need at anytime as raw CSV data or a PDF.

User Management

Add and manage members of your workspaces, and give access only to what they need to see and do.