Slack Reports

Setup in under 5 minutes

Quick and easy setup so you can get started with your Slack Reports.

Step 1.

Connect your Slack Workspace

You'll first need to connect the Slack workspace you want your reports delivered to.

Step 2

Connect your Source Account

Connect a Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Business account that you want to on.

Step 3

Setup your report

Create and customize your the report you want delivered to your Slack workspace.

100+ Use Cases Possible

Learn how more than 500 companies are using our platform to keep their teams updated.

Campaign Performance Report

Report relevant metrics of your Facebook Ads campaigns, such as CPC, Click, Impressions, and any other metric available to the performance team channel.

Channel Conversion Report

Report out your conversions broken out by Channel, and even include ROAS, CPC, Impressions, and more from Google Analytics.

Daily Growth Report

Get a daily breakdown of the change in followers, clicks, and other metrics from your Instagram Business account.

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